What do you want to remember most about your wedding day?  

Will it be the cake, the shoes, the flowers? Or will you say the excitement? The togetherness? The unscripted, unplanned parts of your wedding day that you will want to relive over and over again?


I’m with you.  I love the excitement, anticipation,  the joy. The letting go and the holding close.  The time where everyone is together. And you deserve to enjoy this day without feeling as if you are on a directed play or photoshoot, truly LIVING your wedding day.

We will spend time together, but only because I’m enjoying the wedding day right along with the two of you, your family and friends.

My approach for wedding photography is simple.  I get to know the two of you.  We bond, we drink, we celebrate.  All in the name of good photos.  Some photographers spend a lot of time getting the perfect angle of you - I  spend a lot of time understanding the two of you.  

Weddings begin at $2500 for intimate celebrations and big bash weddings average $3500. All wedding services are individually customized for your particular needs. If you’d like to chat over a yummy beverage to tell me more about your story, send me a message and we'll get started!  

Eloping? Lets create a custom quote for your nuptials. Wedding outside of the DC, Maryland, Virginia area? I love adventure and you’ll be amazed at how little (if any) travel fee is added. Bonus if its to a state (or country) I’ve never been!