Ready for Fall Mini-Sessions?

Book yours today!

It's almost fall y'all! If you are like me, pumpkin spice lattes make me a little sad because I know that summer is coming to an end. But fall is also the beginning of my favorite thing....

Kids are back in school!

Just kidding, but its a time where I can start getting down with business because the summer time (in between weekend weddings!) is filled with lots of family time traveling, roller coaster riding, and my kids favorite, National Park visiting.

So here it is, the information you've all been waiting for - fall mini-sessions!

If you are ready to book, scroll down to where you see the dates listed, click on the date you want to schedule, and there will be an easy peasy process to confirm everything in the next 24 hours!

Now, if you aren't sure what a mini-session is, and why I (documentary loving photographer) do these mini-sessions, read on.....

For starters, these aren't just for families with kids! They are also for couples with new pets, old pets, or just a love for each other!

Also, you probably need to update your family photo, prepare some holiday gifts, or even plan for that holiday card. We can do it all at once!

But what about documentary?

That is where my heart lies, but I also really love people. And so, if you can agree to just 15 minutes to capture 10 great photos of your family, I am up for hanging with you and taking some casual, don't look at the camera, portraits.

Okay, I'm ready for the details, give them to me!

They are 15 minute time slots, which means, guess what, you HAVE to be on time. (Now, for all of you who struggle being on time, (like me, hush, hush), tell yourself the session is 15 minutes earlier then what it is!)

Dates and Locations:

Saturday, October 12th
AM Sessions: Old Town Alexandria, Cobble Stone Streets

Saturday, October 12th
PM Sessions: Old Town Alexandria, Waterfront (quieter spot away from the main boardwalk!)

for those of you traveling Columbus Day weekend:

Monday, October 14
PM Sessions: Jones Point Lighthouse (LOVE this place!)

Sunday, November 3rd
PM Sessions: Old Town Alexandria, Cobble Stone Streets

What do we get? What does it cost?

You receive 10 high resolution images that you can download, share with friends, print and put on your favorite pillow. (Kidding, unless you are into that thing!)

Cost is $300 plus taxes that keep Virginia such an awesome state. :)

How do I sign up?

Click the link above for your favorite session time and it will take you through the steps to confirm your session!

What if it rains?

For those being photographed on Saturday, October 12, the rain date will be your same time on Sunday, October 13. Please hold both times on your calendar!

For Monday 10/14 and Sunday, 11/3, there are less of you, so I'll be in touch about rescheduling if needed. Hopefully mother nature cooperates.